Dean of College of Islamic Sciences at Al Iraqia University, Professor Dr. Kazem Khalifa Hammadi, opened a charity market for Quraan Interpretation Department, which included a group of artistic products, clothes, accessories, food materials, and household cleaners, the proceeds of which were allocated to support patients with cancer.

The Dean appreciated this initiative, which was launched under the supervision of the Head of the Interpretation Department, Professor Dr. Abu Al-Futouh Abdel Qader Shaker, to support patients with cancer by allocating the proceeds from this market to support this category of society and help them save treatment costs.

The initiative aims to encourage college students to pay attention to humanitarian aspects and urge them to contribute to supporting and caring for cancer patients, to relieve their burdens by providing them with moral and material support that enables them to meet their requirements, as well as in the process of spending on the medications they need.

The initiative was widely praised by the teaching staff at the college, the Bazar, which lasts for two days, witnessed a turnout by students from other colleges to shop for the handmade products, clothes, food, and detergents on display.