(Women’s Rights in Divine Religions and Iraqi Personal Status Law)

Department of Islamic Banking and Finance at College of Islamic Sciences at Al Iraqia University held its scientific workshop entitled (Women’s Rights in Divine Religions and Iraqi Personal Status Law).

The workshop, which was held under the patronage of Dean of the College, Professor Dr. Kazem Khalifa Hammadi, and supervised by Head of Department of Financial Sciences, Assistant Professor Dr. Anwar Farhan Al-Halbousi, aimed to explain the concept of women’s rights in the divine religions and their social, financial, political and legal status, as well as the validity of Personal Status Law in Iraq. with the principles and provisions it contains regarding religions and its influence on Islamic jurisprudence.

The workshop, in which lecturer assistant lecturer Suraid Fahmi Yacoub and assistant lecturer Hind Yousef Masoud lectured, included women in Jewish religion, women in the Christian religion, women in Islamic law, and Iraqi personal status law.