Fully Funded Scholarship Program: for Academic Year 2024-2025, for International Students (Bachelor/Diploma/Master/PhD).

Al- Iraqia University, a public university, offers fully funded scholarships to non-Iraqi students. The scholarship includes: tuition fees, accommodation ,there are also partial, semi-free scholarships.

*The scholarships offered are available for international students from all over the world to view and apply for.

The main goal of the scholarship program is to provide fully funded scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students, encourage students who possess scientific and academic competence to continue their studies in Iraq, help them become experts in these offered programs, and help young researchers start their careers.

How to apply:

You can visit the following link Press here

or communicate via email: scholarships_students@aliraqia.edu.iq

Or via WhatsApp (+96407712196677) if there is any inquiry about the application mechanism.

With great respect