A workshop Entitled :(National Standards for Accreditation of Engineering Education)

Under the auspices of Rector of Al- Iraqia University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein, and the supervision of Dean of the College of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Mowaffaq Shia’ Alwan… and in cooperation with the Iraqi Council for Accreditation of Engineering Education, held a workshop entitled “National Standards for Accreditation of Engineering Education” with the participation of members of Academic teachers in Iraqi universities. The workshop included three lectures:

The first lecture: was about (Council and Standards) delivered by Chairman of the Council, Prof. Dr. Ziyad Suleiman Muhammad Khaled.

The second lecture: (Education based on learning outcomes) delivered by Council member Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Naji Attia.

The third lecture: (measuring and evaluating learning outcomes) given by Council member  Prof. Dr. Jalal Muhammad Jalil

The workshop also dealt with extensive interventions and asked a set of important and required questions and inquiries to achieve the completion of the requirements in a way that suits the status of College of Engineering, Al- Iraqia University, and in a way that achieves the ambition required to advance more in reality and achieve the pivotal and transformative aspects in preparing individuals, whether they are teachers or employees, and preparing the appropriate graduate to keep pace with Current market  work in engineering industry.

The workshop aims to obtain accreditation for engineering education programs for all scientific departments in the college and the importance of this on the quality of educational institution, the efficiency of graduates and community service.