Master’s Thesis Discusses (Praises of Sicilian Poets)

College of Arts, Iraqi University, Department of Arabic Language discussed a master’s thesis entitled Praises of (Sicilian Poets: Study in Structure and Content.

The thesis presented by Postgraduate student Fatima Al-Zahraa Khalil Nasser aimed to pay attention to Andalusian Civilization (Sicilian), to revive Arab-Andalusian heritage in fifth century AH, to show cultural and civilizational landmarks, noble Islamic values, and peaceful coexistence among the people of one country in an era in which science, literature, culture, arts, and values flourished.

The thesis included four chapters, the first chapter of which was to study (the linguistic structure in Sicilian praise), while the second chapter dealt with (pictorial structure in Sicilian praise), the third chapter was devoted to studying (the musical structure in Sicilian praise), and the fourth chapter was entitled (Content in Sicilian Praise).



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