“Mathematical Logic and Arabic Sciences “: A Title of a Scientific Symposium

Department of Arabic Language at College of Education, Al-Iraqia University, held a scientific symposium entitled Mathematical Logic and Arabic Sciences, in 10/1/2023.

The first axis included an introduction paving the way for the close interdependence between  sciences, delivered by Dr. Sulaf Mustafa, then she dealt with the link between mathematical thought and grammar science, and took pronouns in Arabic as an example to demonstrate the impact of mathematical thought in counting Arabic pronouns. The second axis was by Dr. Omar Muhammad, in which he spoke about mathematical thought in Al-Khalil bin Ahmed and his impact on the vocabulary of the language and his accurate work in limiting the neglected and used vocabulary in his dictionary by flipping the letters of one word.

As for the third axis, it was about mathematical thought and its impact on the science of prosody by Dr. Thamer Najim, in which he showed that the axes of poetry within one circle are generated from each other in a mathematical way, and an example is for that in the circle of the different.

The seminar was attended by a group of professors and students.