Department of Geography and Geographic Information Systems Conducts a Field Study in (Ras Al-Bishah -Al Basra)

Department of Geography and Geographic Information Systems at College of Arts,Al- Iraqia University, conducted a field study in (Ras Al-Bishah) at head of the Gulf. The applied study was carried out in Al-Basra Governorate, Al-Faw District, to explore the sea shelf of Iraq, And the accompanying depressions and the flattened tongue of Shatt al-Arab, as well as the tidal phenomena and the size and quantities of sediments that move towards Iraqi side to work on increasing the difficulty of investing in coastal environments at farthest point of the homeland and the mouth of the Shatt Al-Arab.

The study was for postgraduate students with a study and follow-up by Prof. Dr. Kazem Al-Asadi, Professor of Climate and Environment, and Prof. Dr. Bushra Ramadan, Professor of Agricultural Geography and Natural Resources, and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdel-Wahhab, Professor of Nature Geography and Information Systems from the University of Basra.

The study aims to identify the environment of province of Basra from the natural and human aspects and to stand on its geostrategic and economic importance as an effective economic backbone of Iraq and to follow the Silk Road and its effects and consequences through the study of the site and its relationship with neighboring countries, they provided a full explanation of what characterizes the province of heritage, natural manifestations and functions related to the sea including sea fishing.


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