Issuance of New Issue of (Al- Iraqia Journal of Scientific Engineering Research)

A new issue of Al- Iraqia Journal of Scientific Engineering Research, which is issued by College of Engineering at Al- Iraqia University ,Which included 11 peer-reviewed papers….and each published paper received its own DOI number…. The entire issue was also uploaded to the journal’s website, where it can be accessed via this link:

Also, the issue and its full research were uploaded on Al- Iraqi scientific journals website issued by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, since the journal is accredited in scientific promotions…. Where you can follow the journal’s page from this link:

*Publication fees for researchers are:

50 thousand dinars, 75 thousand dinars, 100 thousand dinars, according to the rank of the scientific researcher, teacher, assistant professor, professor) to which 10 thousand dinars are added to the search fees:

The magazine’s website:

Magazine Email:


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