The Fourth Edition of Huawei ICT Skills Competition in Middle East

Qualification, Employment and Follow-up Division, in cooperation with (Huawei Academy), announces conditions for registration in the fourth edition of Huawei ICT Skills Competition in the Middle East.

Huawei ICT Skill Practice Competition Middle East 2022-2023, for specializations of information and communication technology, computer engineering, software and computer science in all its branches

Huawei launched the sixth-year edition of ICT competition in Iraq, which aims to stimulate innovative thinking among university students and recent graduates and accelerate their integration with advanced technology to enhance their competencies and raise their skills level and expertise in order to support the digital transformation process in Iraq.

The competition is intended for students of the first stage up to the stage of master’s and doctorate, and graduates of the last course and those interested are allowed to participate in the competition. middle east countries,

Final exam will be outside Iraq. The competition focuses on enhancing the capabilities of students to enable them using innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data to provide society with innovations that supporting development plans, and programs and initiatives organized by the private sector, such as Huawei ICT Competition in the Middle East, contribute to supporting ambitious visions and strategies for the competitors by building advanced skills and expertise for the new generation of technology, and enhancing local innovative capabilities in an appropriate environment that provides all the requirements of prosperity for the communications and information technology sector in particular.

* To participate in the competition and register press  following link