Russian Scholarships for Academic Year 2020-2021



The Scholarships and Cultural Relations Department announces the availability of (110) scholarships granted to Iraq by the Russian side for the academic year 2021/2020 for postgraduate studies


1- You must register on the electronic scholarship portal details on the following link:

Note that during the application on the Scholarships Department website, each of the code (register number) provided to the student will be requested after the electronic application on the Russian side.

2- Also, the student’s skype account will be requested for use for the purpose of the interview later.

3- The deadline for submitting 31/5/2020.

4- Applicants on the prisoners and martyrs’ channel can register in the system and apply online.

(The application includes all employees and non-employees)

And to prepare to apply for the Russian scholarship review this video so everyone can apply for this free study opportunity.

Video link to apply for the Russian scholarship



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