Under the patronage of Rector of the University, Professor Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Jubouri, Department of Media and Government Communication at the University Presidency, in cooperation with the College of Arts and  Cybersecurity Center at Ministry of Interior, held a workshop entitled (Policy for Securing Official Accounts), A workshop entitled (Policy for Securing Official Accounts), in which Dean Dr. Hassan Hadi Lathith, Director of Cybersecurity Center, and Mr. Kahlan Walid Khalifa, lectured, in the presence of officials and employees of media divisions and units in all university colleges.

The workshop included the most important risks that occur on the websites of state institutions and how they are hacked by hacker companies.The two lecturers explained the policies followed through which the process of protecting the official account takes place and how it is documented in a Body.

Media and Communications: The national contact point for reporting suspicious cases of hacking at Cyber ​​Security Center.