Effective Steps in Drawing the E-Governance Map

Based on the directives of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, College of Education for women at Al Iraqia University organized a workshop on effective steps in drawing the college’s electronic governance map.

The workshop was conducted under the supervision and presence of Dean of the College, assistants, heads of departments, and the officials of the divisions and administrative units in the College.

The workshop was organized by members of the Electronic Automation Committee and aimed to plant the nucleus of electronic work and launch a project to build electronic systems among the college’s formations and link them together to form a nucleus for electronic leadership.

Dean of the College, Dr. Hoda Nouri Shukr, said that this workshop was organized in order to continue serving the college’s female students and the functional and teaching staff, as they have an important and prominent role in facilitating services for citizens and completing administrative work, as well as direct follow-up and designing reports to complete statistics with the required accuracy and speed.