A New Thesis Entitled :(Business Incubators and Their Impact on Entrepreneurship Through Organizational Ambidexterity)

College of Management and Economics at Al- Iraqia University discussed a master’s thesis by the student (Shahd Haider Turki) in the Department of Business Administration tagged (Business incubators and their impact on entrepreneurship through organizational ambidexterity / a survey study of selected business incubators in Iraq) in the Council Hall.

The thesis aimed to determine the impact that business incubators have as an independent variable.

The key point of the study was to know the level of availability of business incubators, what are their most prominent dimensions of influence and interest, and what is the level of entrepreneurship among the incubators studied.

The study reached a set of results, the most prominent of which is the existence of an impact relationship between business incubators and entrepreneurship through organizational prowess, with differences between incubators in the public sector and the private sector.

The discussion committee consisted of the following teachers:

Prof. Dr. Qasim Nayef Alwan. As a head

Prof. Dr. Nazim Jawad Abdel Salman. A member

Prof. Dr. Rabie Yassin Saud. A member

Prof. Dr. Hamid Ali Ahmed. Member and supervisor