A Ministerial Committee to Inspect Postgraduate Exams

A committee from Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research made an inspection visit to the College of Administration and Economics at the University to review the examination process for postgraduate students.

The committee was received by the Dean of the College, Assistant Professor Dr. Hameed Ali Ahmed, who conducted the inspection tour that included the examination halls and corridors of the College, accompanied by Scientific Assistant to the President of Al Iraqia University, Professor Dr. Khamees Awad Zidan, Scientific Assistant to the Dean of the College, Professor Dr. Ahmed Al-Saqqal, and the heads of scientific departments in the College.

The conduct of the examinations was monitored and the committees formed and the nature of their work were examined, the committees were formed and they checked the nature of their work . This visit aims to evaluate the procedures and standards followed in the examinations.

The Dean of the College expressed his welcome to the committee, stressing the College’s commitment to providing the best educational environment for students.

During the visit, many administrative and organizational aspects of the examinations were reviewed. The committee praised the effective level of the examination process, stressing the importance of continuing to improve the educational process.

This visit comes within the framework of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s ongoing efforts to enhance academic quality and raise the level of higher education in Iraq.