A Dialogue Session for an Elite Group of Geography Professors at International Conference

On its first day, activities of the International Geography and Information Systems Department Conference witnessed a dialogue session entitled (A geographical perspective in teaching methods according to digital education), in which Prof. Dr. Abbas Ghali Al-Hadithi, Prof. Dr. Azad Muhammed Amin Al-Naqshbandi, Prof. Dr. Qusay Abdel Majeed Al-Samarrai and Prof. Dr. Mudar Khalil Omar, Prof. Dr. Abbas Fadhel Al-Saadi, Dr. Muhammed Salman, and Prof. Dr. Dawoud Jassim Al-Rubaie.

The professors explained the weakness that the geography methodology suffers in our country, which is concerned with the theoretical aspect and neglects the practical aspect and does not allow the student to think and create knowledge, nor does it answer the questions: Why?

The researchers came up with recommendations, including: making the field practical

It is based on geography and alerts to the dangers of artificial intelligence that is employed non-cognitively.