Geography Department at College of Arts held a scientific field visit to the College of Engineering at Al Iraqia University. The visit included third-year students and was supervised by each of the teaching staff: Prof. Dr. Aseel Fadel Ayoub, Lecturer Dr. Hanan Yahya Mohamed, Lecturer Dr. Noura Zayed Ati and Lecturer Dr.  Iman Shihab Hassoun.

The aim of this visit was to introduce the students to solar energy stations due to their importance in reducing environmental pollution and their use in agricultural investment projects and sustainable development. Engineer Eng. Hussein Juma Jaber, specializing in electrical power engineering, provided an explanation and clarification of the work of the station, which consists of 32 panels with a capacity of 530 watts, and the related engineering issues. He pointed out that their college uses it to operate electrical appliances and lighting.

The teaching staff supervising the visit suggested that solar energy be the most important clean source that can be relied upon in our college because it is a project that deserves attention.