A Master’s Thesis Discusses (Religious Legislation in Christianity)

#College_of_Islamic_Sciences at Al Iraqia University discussed a master’s thesis entitled (Religious Legislation in Christianity Derived from the Old Testament).

The thesis presented by Mahmood Saeed Ali and supervised by Professor Dr. Ibrahim Darbas Musa aimed to explain the difference between the true laws and the laws that were written down and decided by people who have no connection to the divine revelation, and the need to understand the correct laws revealed by God Almighty to His prophets and messengers throughout history.

The message, part of which was attended by the Dean of the College, Professor Dr. Kazem Khalifa Hammadi, and Assistant Dean for Administrative and Student Affairs, included the sacrament of priesthood and baptism, the most important legislation and social systems in Christianity, the most important legislation in Jewish religion, marriage and divorce in Christianity, as well as the most important local and ecumenical councils in Christianity, and Islam’s view of the term religions and the origin of their name.

The discussion committee was headed by Professor Dr. Abdullah Abdul Muttalib Abdul Hameed and the membership of Assistant Professor Dr. Bassem Muhammad Ubeas, Assistant Professor Dr. Anwar Farhan Awad, and Professor Dr. Ibrahim Darbas Musa as a member and supervisor.