A Scientific Conference in UAE on Contemporary Technologies and Their Impact in Serving (Forensic Sciences)

College of Islamic Sciences at Al- Iraqia University chaired the proceedings of the second session of an international scientific conference held by College of Islamic Studies at Al Wasil University in United Arab Emirates, entitled (Contemporary Technologies and Their Impact in Serving Sharia Sciences).

The second session, which was chaired by the lecturer in Department of Fundamentals of Jurisprudence at College of Islamic Sciences, Professor Dr. Saadi Khalaf Al-Jumaili, included contemporary technologies and how does they affect serving the sciences of Sharia law, the sciences of Holy Qur’an, and the Noble Prophet’s Sunnah, as well as in jurisprudence?

The goal of conference is to prove that Islam is valid for all times and places, but what is happening in the arena in terms of scientific and technological development, especially what is related to so-called artificial intelligence, and the employment of these technologies in the service of Sharia and the scientific developments that occur, Sharia must come with appropriate solutions for them.