A Training Course Entitled :(Basics of Cybersecurity and Protecting Systems from Hacking)

College of Dentistry organized a course entitled (Cybersecurity Basics Course and Protecting Systems from Hacking) presented by Prof. Dr. (Ahmed Younis), Assistant Lecturer (Haider Hussein), and Assistant Lecturer (Israa Zuhair).

At first, information was provided about the concept of Cybersecurity and its importance in protecting data and systems from electronic intrusions and explaining the impact of cyber intrusions on universities. It was also discussed that cybersecurity applications depend on encryption, intrusion detection systems and secure access techniques, and implementing prevention programs and enhancing awareness is essential for protecting data. Cybersecurity measures include Access control, privilege setting, and identity management. The increase in cyber threats makes security awareness and application of security strategies vital.

Information security and cybersecurity are focused on safeguarding information and technical systems ,where the first focuses on protecting information and the second on protecting electronic systems. Therefore, best practices should be adopted, such as using strong passwords and updating software regularly. Cyber awareness and training are necessary for university employees and students. A cyber-attack scenario includes hacking the system, stealing data, and disrupting services. Universities must adapt and implement modern cyber technologies such as artificial intelligence and protection against portable tablets attacks.