(Memorandum of Cooperation with Iraqi Martyrs Foundation)

presidency of Al- Iraqia University, represented by the Rector, Professor Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein Al-Jubouri, his scientific assistant, Professor Dr. Khamis Awad, and the accompanying delegation with Martyrs Foundation, headed by Dr. Abdul-Ilah Al-Naeli, signed a memorandum of joint cooperation on 2/25/2024, at the headquarters of the Martyrs Foundation.

The memorandum of cooperation aimed to provide and enhance support and care for the families of the martyrs and their children, care for this segment, and provide facilities and services to them.

The Rector of the University mentioned “the necessity of supporting families of the martyrs and providing them with all the necessary care and attention in cooperation with the Martyrs Foundation, which has been providing the best services to the families and their children since 2004.”The two parties agreed to form a joint committee to develop an action plan to implement the provisions of the memorandum of cooperation and to ensure the care of the families of the martyrs in various humanitarian and educational fields.