Condolences on the Anniversary of Martyrdom of (Imam Musa Al-Kadhum)

Al- Iraqia University, represented by  Rector, Professor Dr. Ali Al-Jubouri, and all its members and students, extend their sincere condolences to Iraqi people, masses of visitors, Islamic world, and the members of Islamic community in various countries of the world on occasion of the martyrdom of (Imam Musa bin Jaafar Al-Kadhum) (peace be upon him).

The presidency of Iraqi League expresses its hope that this occasion will be a symbol for the unity of Iraqis and Muslims in facing the existing challenges, and we ask God to spread security and peace in our Arab countries.

May God Almighty reward us and you with the martyrdom of Imam Al-Kadhum, peace be upon him

Presidency of Al-Iraqia University