Representative 0f Women’s Empowerment at Al-Iraqia University Chairs a Dialogue Session

National Department for Iraqi Women in the General Secretariat of Council of Ministers extended its invitation to the head of Women’s Empowerment Unit at Al- Iraqia University, Dr. Bushra Al-Zwaini, to chair a dialogue session within (Events in Baghdad, the capital of Arab women), and under the title of Iraqi government’s vision for empowering women politically.

The session included a dialogue with female members of Baghdad Governorate Councils, as well as representatives of the judiciary and representatives of civil society.

The opportunities provided to the female members of Provincial Council, which contributed to winning membership, were also discussed, as well as the role of Supreme Judicial Council in confronting those who tried to violate the laws and the Council’s mandates in the conduct of the electoral process.  Civil society representatives played their role in supporting Iraqi women in political participation, especially in the provincial council elections, which took place in December 2023.