(Microbiology From Antonie Van Leewenhoek Modern Technologies)

Under the patronage of Rector of the University, Professor Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Jubouri, and direct supervision by Dean of College of Medicine, Professor Dr. Ahmed Nizar Al-Dabbagh, Continuing Education Unit at College of Medicine, within the program of joint cooperation and exchange of scientific and academic experiences between Iraqi, Arab and foreign universities, organized a scientific lecture entitled: (Microbiology from Antonie Van Leewenhoek Modern Technologies)delivered by Professor Dr. Tariq Abdel Mawjoud from Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Arab Republic of Egypt.

The lecture began by presenting an introductory film about the legacy and development of Cairo University and its position among international universities.

The international lecture was attended by the Dean of College of Medicine and his assistant, Dean of College of Dentistry and his assistant, and number of specialists, researchers and college professors.