Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Naeem Al-Aboudi, chaired the regular meeting of Opinion Body in presence of advanced staff and Rectors of public universities.

The Minister all universities to respond and interact with the requirements required by the labor market and society’s need for developmental specializations, stressing the importance of preparing the necessary realistic plans regarding admission to postgraduate studies for the academic year 2024/2025 again, at the same time continuing to grant non-exclusive legal powers to universities and enabling them to achieve their mission and objectives in providing educational services.

The attendees discussed a project related to establishing an electronic system for managing and supervising the scientific and administrative procedures for postgraduate students, while the Rectors of technical universities reviewed many proposals that would strengthen the environment of technical institutes and stimulate their climate in attracting students according to a studied proportion.

The members of  opinion body voted on a number of decisions, including:

– Adopting the recommendations of the Training of Trainers (TOT) course regarding psychological counseling and educational guidance formations and activating their activities in all universities.

– Setting a time limit not to exceed three months for submitting plans for public and private universities and their colleges and departments to complete the requirements for institutional and program accreditation.

– Approval of creative of evening studies in Department of Cybersecurity at College of Computer Science and Mathematics at University of Mosul.

–  Approval to grant postgraduate students transferred from outside Iraq, in accordance with the regulations, a new (study leaves) in terms of the duration of study and counting it in terms of contractual obligations to complement the study outside Iraq, with the student’s commitment to serve double period of study inside and outside Iraq in order to guarantee the financial amounts disbursed by their departments.

– Addressing the case of scholarship students, fellowship students, and study leave students who have previously been considered dismissed from the job for not returning after obtaining the contracted certificate by requiring them to fulfill the contractual obligation of serving twice the period of study in state departments after their appointment by the Federal Service Council, provided that there are no decisions, Judicial orders obliging them to pay the sums of money spent on them.

At the end of the meeting, Minister of Education urged to stimulate solid scientific research and publishing and to disburse a financial reward worth three million dinars and a letter of thanks and appreciation to lecturers who publish their research in scientific journals affiliated with (Nature and Science Journals) and (TOP Journals in Shanghai Ranking).