University Rector Receives Rector of Turkish Gaziantep University of Islamic Sciences and Technology.

Rector of the University, Professor Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein Al-Jubouri, received a delegation at the university’s headquarters in Adhamiya that included Rector of Turkish (Gaziantep Islamic and Technology University), to discuss frameworks for future academic exchange between the two universities.

During the meeting, exchanging of experiences between professors of the two universities in the fields of studies in various specializations was discussed, and exchanging of experiences and training of students for both universities was discussed. Possibility of developing the skills of Gaziantep University students in using Arabic language was also discussed at the meeting. For his part, Rector of the University expressed his great interest in developing and improving the skills of using Arabic language among Gaziantep students and the readiness of Al- Iraqia University’s specialist staff to strengthen the students’ skills in this field and cooperation in all fields.