Strategy to Advance the University in International Rankings

Assistant Rector of the University for Scientific Affairs, Professor Dr. Khamees Awad Zidan, held a meeting with the directors of scientific departments at the University Presidency, to discuss the strategic aspects of advancing Al- Iraqia University within the various international classifications.

The meeting discussed many topics set by the university to raise scientific research , as well as discussing the most prominent standards adopted by international university classifications and ways to raise the university’s classification within international classifications.

A number of topics and obstacles were also discussed, such as providing financial support to researchers, supporting the dissemination of research within international facilities, developing the website, achieving sustainability by reducing the infrastructure deficit, and developing appropriate plans and solutions to address all obstacles to ensure that university advances to better positions.

The meeting also discussed “Study in Iraq” program to receive applications from students wishing to study at the university from outside Iraq.At the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Khamees made a number of recommendations, including:

-Focus on improving the quality of education, scientific research, and university outcomes.

-Enhancing international cooperation and exchanging experiences with international universities.

-Developing student activities and university services provided to students.

-Encouraging applied scientific research and solving societal problems.

-Improving the university’s infrastructure and providing an appropriate environment for learning and research.

-The necessity of preparing and completing procedures for electronic transformation.

-Completing the necessary requirements to develop the university’s website.