A symposium on the Concept of (Gender) and its Treatment on a Legal Perspective

Department of Qur’anic Sciences and Islamic Education at College of Education for Girls at Al- Iraqia University organized a practical symposium on the concept of (gender) and its treatment from a legal perspective, in Imam Abu Hanifa Al-Numan Hall.

The symposium aimed to introduce (gender) concept, its origin, and its dangers in destroying the family and society, and to show the position of Islamic sharia and law on it, as well as to explain the psychological and medical risks of gender, and to emphasize educational institutions in standing up to gender, as well as consolidating social and moral values in our Arab and Islamic societies.

The symposium included several topics, including concept of gender and the history of its emergence, as well as the impact of Islamic law in confronting gender, law and its role in confronting gender, as well as the medical and psychological theory of the effects of gender.