Rector of Al- Iraqia University Congratulates on Occasion of (New Year’s Day 2024)

On  New Year’s Day 2024, Rector of the University, Professor Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein, extended his congratulations on this occasion.

((It is my pleasure to extend my congratulations and best wishes to my students, to the educational and academic family members of Al- Iraqia University, to the staff of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to our Iraqi people in general, and to all of humanity on occasion of the New Year.

As we stand on the cusp of a new year filled with hope and ambition to achieve our aspirations of excellence, success and prosperity, committed to teamwork to achieve hope and dream of a promising future for our great country.

My wishes to my students for a fruitful new year in which the desired goals are achieved. Happy new year to our country and people, blessings, security and peace)).