College of Education for (Women) Organizes a Scientific Visit to Iraqi Museum

Student Activity Committee, in cooperation with the Guidance and Cultural Committees in English Language Department at College of Education for (Women) at Al- Iraqia University, organized a visit to Iraqi National Museum.

The visit came in implementation of the directives of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on the importance of such visits to places of a cultural and national character, which included the fourth stage and for both morning & evening studies. The students were accompanied by tour guides ,gave an illustration about the landmarks and effects of Iraqi civilizations, including Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian civilizations, in addition to the Islamic civilization.

The visit, which was accompanied by Dr. Reem Zaid Khalaf and Dr. Abdul-Ilah Nimah Badai, Assistant Prof. Afrah Ibrahim Saeed, Assistant Lecturer Hussein Ali Daoud, and Assistant Lecturer Fatima Imran Issa aiming at strengthen the spirit of national identity and increase awareness among the female students.