A Scientific Symposium on (Peaceful Coexistence and Religious Diversity in Our Heritage and Era)

Department of History at College of Education for (women) at Al- Iraqia University organized a scientific symposium on peaceful coexistence and religious diversity in our heritage and era, our goal and our desired goal.The symposium aimed to emphasize Islamic history on coexistence and constructive, calm and purposeful dialogue, as well as to prove that Islamic history encouraged the rejection of fueling strife or creating conflicts, as well as clarifying the rules for regulating the relationship between Muslims and Others in a peaceful society.

The symposium included several topics, including the culture of peaceful coexistence in societies within their various dimensions, as well as intellectual contents of the culture of peaceful coexistence and managing difference, as well as the etiquette of coexistence and dialogue, its values and foundations, and mechanisms for managing difference through a religious perspective.

This symposium came up with many recommendations, the most important is the need for a segment of university professors to adopt the meanings of peaceful living and religious diversity among the spectrum of our people, starting with students, to strengthen and cultivate in the souls of our young women and men the spirit of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, to reject violence in all its forms and practices, and to promote culture of good citizenship and peaceful coexistence among students in a comprehensive way. In particular, and society in general.