College of Dentistry Organizes a Training Course on :Determining Blood Types and RH Factor


Continuing Education Unit held a training course entitled “Determining blood types and RH factor” for two days. The course aimed to familiarize participants with the history of blood types, ABO system, and RH factor, and how they affect pregnancy.

The lectures presented by (Prof. Dr. Intisar Mansour, Assistant Lecturer Enas Saad, Assistant Lecturer Marwa Ismail, Assistant Lecturer Ahmed Mustafa dealt with the subject of the inheritance of blood types, and explained how to detect them using multiple methods, including slide and TUBE method. The practical part of the lecture was held in the basic sciences laboratory, where attendees were able to apply what they learned and detect each other’s blood types.

The success of the course was reflected in providing valuable information and enhancing understanding on this vital topic.