Creativity and Excellence Award Examination for Iraqi Medical Colleges

In the presence of Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, (Dr. Naeem Al-Aboudi), //Al- Iraqia University /College of Medicine participated in (Creativity and Excellence Award Exam) under the supervision of its Dean, Professor Dr. Ahmed Nizar Al-Dabbagh, where the exam was held at the Al-Nahrain College of Medicine, and with the participation of all medical colleges in Iraqi universities.

The exam included the top graduates of medical colleges in Iraq, and A- Iraqia University College of Medicine was represented by students: Abdul Aziz Ahmed, Hoda Iyad, Taha Khaled, Ruaa Khaled, and Shahad Sahad.

This award provides a strong contribution to enhancing the medical education environment and supporting its outcomes. It also contributes to motivating distinguished students and empowering them in scientific competition fields, with the possibility of obtaining academic seats in Iraqi Board of Medical Specialties.