Linguistic Patterns in the Book “Sufficiency (Al-Kefayaa)in Interpretation”

A doctoral thesis entitled “Linguistic Patterns in the Book of Sufficiency in Interpretation” by Al-Hairi Al-Darir (430) was discussed in College of Arts, Al-Iraqia University, Department of Arabic Language, a linguistic study.

The thesis presented by postgraduate student “Kazem Abdulaziz Jaber” aimed to show linguistic efforts possessed by the author of the interpretation, and employed them in serving Book of God Almighty to explain the meanings and connotations when interpreting Qur’anic verses. The study focused on explaining the linguistic opinions that served the Qur’anic text by the author of the interpretation and balancing them with other scholars. Experts in interpretation and language to achieve the best approach in interpreting  Qur’anic verse and its readings.

The thesis included three chapters, the first chapter explaining the phonetic manifestations that accompanied Qur’anic verses in this interpretation. The second chapter dealt with morphological studies of the verb and noun, while the third chapter reviewed the words of three semantic fields (antonymy, synonymy, and verbal cognates) in the book Al-Kifaya. The conclusion included the most prominent results and recommendations