A Student Awareness Festival on World Diabetes Day’s Occasion

Under the patronage of Dean of College of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Nizar Al-Dabbagh, Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit, Women’s Empowerment Unit, and Rehabilitation and Employment Unit, in cooperation with Chemistry and Biochemistry Branch and Pediatrics Branch, participated by number of students at College of Medicine, organized an awareness festival and student activity entitled (World Diabetes Control Day in Children and Youth), for the period of November 14 to 15, 2023.

The first day of the festival included raising awareness posters about diabetes and conducting a blood test for a number of college professors, students and employees by the head of Chemistry and Biochemistry Branch Assistant Prof. Dr. Nadia Abdel Karim, in addition to the branch lecturers, the second day included presenting an awareness lecture entitled (World Diabetes Control Day in Children and Youth), delivered by the head of Pediatrics Branch, Assistant Prof. Dr. Maysaa Nihad Ibrahim.

The festival aims to increase awareness of diabetes, promote care and prevention, and to prevent side effects that occur as a result of not controlling diabetes, or delaying its appearance through medications, regular examination, and treatment of side effects and complications.