A Developmental Training Course Entitled :(Advanced Computer Maintenance)

Within the framework of the efforts of  Electronic Computer Center to develop the staff of Al- Iraqia University and under the auspices of Rector of the University, Professor Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Jubouri… and the supervision of Director of  Electronic Computer Center, Dr. Ghassan Akram Abdel-Saleh, the center held a developing training course entitled (Maintenance of advanced computers)  Maintenance and Networks Division, Assistant Chief Programmer (Mohamed Tariq Ahmed), explained an introductory overview of maintenance for computers, maintenance methods, what external maintenance is, and ways to maintain the computer, as well as maintenance steps and choosing the operating system for all systems, and what are the other ways to format it, which pertain to each operating system, (10/8/7).

The Center continues to hold courses, workshops, lectures and seminars, believing in raising the efficiency and skills of university employees.