((Second International Scientific Conference on :Women and Climate Change))

Under the auspices of General Secretariat of Council of Ministers, Women’s Empowerment Department, with the support of United Nations Development Program, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research held the second International conference on women and climate change, challenges and solutions, which was held at Babylon Hotel.

The presidency of the university, represented by Rector of the University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Jubouri, his Administrative Assistant, Prof. Dr. Hassan Fadhala Al-Tamimi, and the official of Women’s Empowerment Unit at the University, Prof. Dr. Bushra Hussein Salih, who headed scientific committee of the conference.

Prof. Dr. Ali Al-Jubouri, headed the second session of the conference, which was titled ((Environmental Protection for Women and Sustainable Development Goals)). The conference included a number of themes, including international and national efforts to reduce the effects of climate on women, role of environmental legislation in protecting women from climate change, theme of environmental protection for women and sustainable development goals, and initiatives to involve women in environmentally friendly economic projects.

The conference also discussed the effects of climatic changes on the social and economic status of women, as well as the impact of climatic changes on some diseases, and the impact of these changes on women.