* Launching the Accounts of Iraqi Universities in Scopus Global Repository*

In accordance with its scientific policy aimed at developing scientific research tracks and enabling researchers to mechanisms of global dissemination and in embodiment of the objectives of education strategy in Iraq, which extends to 2031, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announces launching accounts of Iraqi universities in scopes as of the first of July 2023.

At this time, while the balance of Iraqi scientific research globally is rising to more than one hundred eleven thousand and six hundred research papers, the Ministry confirms that the completion of official participation of Iraqi universities in the scopes repository will give an important impetus to Iraqi research movement and will enable university staff, research crews and centers to continuously interact globally with research and data in the environment of international repositories and will provide open accounts for teachers, researchers and students, whether in primary or graduate studies, through the official university Mail, which is linked to the main account of the University and its extensions intended for all users.