Al-Iraqiya Media Faculty Participates in the University’s Celebration of Women’s Day

Faculty of Media at Al- Iraqia University participated in the celebration of International Women’s Day, which was held by the Women’s Empowerment Unit in the university presidency, in the presence of the Rector of Al- Iraqia University (Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein), Administrative Assistant to the Rector of the University (Professor Dr. Hassan Fadalah Musa) and the unit official, Empowering women in the presidency of the university (Prof. Dr. Bushra Hussein Salih Al-Zweni).

The celebration included honoring a group of distinguished women and honoring the top female students at the colleges and people of determination, among whom was the honoring of the student (Alaa Jaryan Abdul Karim) and the student (Nadia Mounir) the top students of the college.