An Active Participation of Faculty of Medicine in The Virtual Symposium Held by (ARID) Scientific Platform for Scientists, Experts and Researchers Speaking in Arabic

Professor and teacher of immunity / Microscopic Medical Branch / Faculty of Medicine participated in the Iraqi University, Professor Dr. Ahmed Rushdi Abdullah Al -Darkazli, in a virtual scientific symposium held by a platform  aRID scientific for scientists, experts and researchers speaking in Arabic, under the title: (Social responsibility towards victims of the earthquake of Turkey and Syria)with a scientific lecture entitled: (The effect of the formation of formative layers on environment of the microscopic medical neighborhoods that cause endemic diseases).

The lecture included the importance of studying the environmental dimensions of Turkey and Syria earthquake, especially related to pathological causes in the eastern Mediterranean region. A number of researchers and specialists participated in the scientific symposium.

Professor Dr. Ahmed Rushdi granted a certificate of appreciation by the organizer in appreciation of his distinguished scientific efforts in providing the lecture.