A master’s Thesis Discussing (Public’s Dependence on Satellite News Channels and Its Impact on the Formation of Political Awareness)

A master’s thesis was discussed in Department of Radio and Television Journalism at College of Media Al- Iraqia University, about the audience’s dependence on satellite news channels and its reflection on the formation of political awareness, a study for the audience of the city of Baghdad, by the student Salah Nuri Hamid.

The thesis included many issues, the most prominent of which was the definition of the topic of political awareness, its importance and the characteristics that distinguish it, the public in terms of the concept, the general features, and its characteristics, in addition to the types of audience and theories that explain the understanding of the public and its nature.

The thesis revealed the extent to which the public depends on satellite channels in shaping the public’s political awareness, as well as understanding the relationship between current events and political issues, which are highlighted by all kinds of satellite news channels through news bulletins and talk shows that deal with the political aspect.

The Thesis recommended the importance of the use of news satellite channels in new methods of presentation and diversity in the presented materials, because of its influence in attracting the audience, in addition to giving the audience a greater opportunity to participate and express their views on political topics and issues promoted through programs and political dialogues and to correct the misconceptions and perceptions they have from the owner’s specialization.

The discussion committee consisted of

Assistant Prof. Dr. Ayad Hilal Hammadi, Chairman.

Prof. Dr. Hossam Mubarak Khalaf, member.

Prof. Dr. Maad Assi Ali, an external member.

Prof. Radhi Rashid Hassan, member and supervisor.