(Electronic Public Relations and its Role in Building Mental Image of Community Police) A New Thesis

A master’s thesis concerns public relations was discussed in College of Media at Al- Iraqia University, on electronic public relations and its role in building the mental image of the community police. An analytical study of the community police website on Facebook, by the student Hassan Zughair Hashim.

The thesis included many axes, the most prominent of which was the concept of electronic public relations, its importance and objectives, the mental image, its concept, importance, characteristics and factors, the challenges of electronic public relations, its use, strategies and functions.

The thesis recommended the need to involve citizens in preserving the security of society and strengthening the sense of security by educating about negative phenomena in society such as drugs, domestic violence and clan conflicts in order to consolidate the concept of citizenship and social responsibility towards these phenomena.

The discussion committee consisted of :

-Professor Dr. Arsan Youssef Arsan as Chairman

-Prof. Dr. Huda Malik Shabib as an external member

-Assistant Prof. Dr. Hardan Hadi Sayel, member,

-Assistant Prof. Dr. Sabah Anwar Muhammad, member and supervisor.