A Panel Discussion in College of Education on: (The Wrong Use of Technology)

Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences, in cooperation with Units of Continuing Education and Rehabilitation and Employment at the College of Education, Al-Iraqia University, held a panel discussion on the misuse of technology, on Thursday 1/26/2023.

The session presented by lecturer Khaled Hamid Jassim, lecturer Noureddine Mahdi Ahmed, lecturer Abdulaziz Hussein Abd, lecturer Ali Sattar Mutaib from Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences, aimed to know the negative impact of technology on our social, mental and physical health. Among the most prominent of these negative effects are eye strain, poor sleep, back and neck pain, lack of privacy, and finally the risk of obesity.

The seminar included several topics, the most important of which is the impact of technology on children in behavior, upbringing and education, and social effects of the individual’s interaction with technology.

The discussion concluded with many questions by the students and the attendees, in addition to directing a set of recommendations that should be taken into account in this field.