A Ministerial Committee Visits Faculty of Dentistry to Follow Up Theoretical Midterm Exams for Academic Year 2022-2023

A committee of  Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Authority of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, accompanied by the Dean of Dentistry Faculty (Professor Dr. Ghassan Abdel Hamid), inspected the progress of exams, the committee was received by (Professor Dr. Iyad Taha), Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs.

The members of the delegation toured the examination halls, inspecting progress of the examinations and inquiring about the necessary services and requirements provided by the college during the examination period.

The visit of ministerial committee aims to review and check the course of examination process and follow up the monitoring committees in terms of academic degrees and their number in the classrooms in a way that suits the number of students in those halls, and to observe the installation of examination controls and instructions. The Committee checked also the students’ seating in their allocated seats according to the announced lists and the names of observers and exam hall supervisors as indicated in the lists. The ministerial committee was briefed on the work of examination committee and how to correct the examination books and master sheet records.

The Ministerial Committee expressed its satisfaction with the efforts made by Deanship of the College to provide a suitable and comfortable environment in accordance with the regulations in force in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the provision of halls in order for students to perform their exams in a comfortable atmosphere.