A master’s Thesis Discusses (The Molecular, Biological and Cytotoxic Characterization of Some Virulence Factors of Pseudomonas Malt zoa Isolated from Urine Samples of Patients with Prostate and Bladder Cancer)

College of Medicine at Al- Iraqia University, discussed a thesis of master of postgraduate student: (Inas Ammar Tawfiq) from Medical Microbiology Branch took place on her thesis tagged (Molecular, Biological and Cytotoxically Characterization of Some Virulence Factors of Stenotrophomonas malt philia Isolated from Urine of Prostate and Bladder Cancers Patients. The study aimed to Molecular, biological and cellular determination of different virulence factors of S. malt philia isolated from prostate and bladder cancer of Iraqi patients, as well as the effect of some chemicals on virulence factors, as well as studying the toxic effects of bacterial extract on mammalian cells.

The study concluded that:

Patients with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to opportunistic infections, Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, which can produce a wide range of antigens. Maltophilia showed the ability to produce a wide range of virulence factors including hemolysin, lecithin’s lipase, protease in addition to the ability to form biofilms.

The study recommended: further research to verify other genes for virulence factors in S. malt philia and isolate them from other clinical sources and study other antibiotic resistance genes and use plant extracts and nanoparticles against these bacteria. The thesis accepted in form and content; the student was granted a master’s degree with an “excellent” grade.

On this occasion, Deanship of College of Medicine congratulates Dr. Nada and the researcher Enas Ammar for this scientific achievement and wishes them more progress and giving in serving the educational process of our dear country. The discussion was attended by the Dean of College of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Jamal Al-Qaisi, the head of Medical Microbiology Branch, Dr. Haifa Mahmoud, and director of registration in the college. Dr. Muhammad Badr and a number of researchers and postgraduate students.

-The discussion committee consisted of: Prof. Dr. Sinan Bahgat Issa / Faculty of Medicine – Ibn Sina University for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences _ Chairman. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hussein, Supervisor of Faculty of Medicine _ Al- Iraqia University _ Member. Prof. Dr. Anfal Muhammad Khudair / College of Medicine _Al- Iraqia University _ member and supervisor. Dr. Nada Hisham Abdel Latif / College of Medicine – Al-Iraqia University / member and supervisor.