A master’s Thesis in Discusses Intertextuality in Andalusian Prose in Fifth and Sixth Hijri Centuries

A master’s thesis entitled Intertextuality in Andalusian Prose in Fifth and Sixth (Hijri Centuries) was discussed in College of Arts, Al-Iraqia University, Department of Arabic Language.

The thesis presented by postgraduate student (Aseel Salem Mesirali) aimed to study the intertextuality in Andalusian prose in fifth and sixth centuries AH, as a contribution to the dissemination of great heritage of the nation and its scientific and literary standing in that important era, and to show the extent of its influence on Andalusian prose texts, their language and structure, which gives the intertextuality aesthetic dimensions and heritage value, by standing at Some forms of intertextuality: religious, historical, and literary.

The thesis included three chapters dealing with the first chapter: religious textuality and its manifestations in Andalusian prose texts. The second chapter dealt with historical intertextuality with historical figures, while the third chapter dealt with the literary and artistic intertextuality, which included the intertextuality with poetry in both its eastern and Andalusian parts by the great former and contemporary poets of Andalusian writers.