“The Most Prominent Meanings in “Surat Taha”: A Title of a Scientific Symposium

Department of Arabic Language at College of Education, Al-Iraqia University, organized a scientific workshop entitled (Surat Taha, an analytical study), in 12/28/2022.

The workshop, which was presented by Assistant Prof., Safa Khalil Ibrahim, included the most prominent meanings contained in this surah, and the consolation of God Almighty to His honorable Messenger Muhammad, in addition to the differences of the interpreters in number of its verses, reason for its revelation, relationship of this surah with the one before it and the one after it, and the meaning of the word Taha and the difference in its meaning. The most important lesson is the intimidation of God Almighty to His creatures by mentioning horrors of the Day of Resurrection, as well as God’s mercy on His servants by pardoning and forgiving them.

The workshop aimed to highlight the status of this surah through the evidence found in the Holy Quran, it was attended by a number of faculty and students of the department.