Congratulations of Presidency of the University on the New Year’s occasion

presidency of Al- Iraqia University, represented by its Rector, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein Al-Jubouri, and on behalf of the University Council and all its faculty and staff, congratulate on occasion of the celebration of Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Head of the university said, “Iraqi people celebrate every year with our Christian brothers around the world the New Year’s holidays, as this occasion came as a dedication to the values of love, brotherhood and human brotherhood, and as usual our university always exploits this occasion to embody love relations between people, Muslims and Christians.” We stand together in love with our dear country, Iraq, which includes this diverse and beautiful mosaic, that indicates the antiquity and multiplicity of cultures and religions of our great country.

On this occasion, I wish our Iraqi people to prevail cordiality and harmony, and to Christians of our dear people and all the original Iraqis live in goodness, love and prosperity .