Media and Public Relations Department Holds a Festival on the Occasion of (Iraqi Victory Day)

Under the auspices of Rector of Al -Iraqia University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein Al-Jubouri, and under the supervision of Assistant Rector of the University for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hassan Fadhala Al-Tamimi, Media and Public Relations Department held a big festival on this occasion, in presence of a number of heroes of the heroic security forces in Ministries of Defense and Interior and a number of deans of colleges in central hall. Adhamiya.

The ceremony began with the playing of National Anthem and reading of Surat Al-Fatihah, as a tribute to the souls of the martyrs of Iraq, who sacrificed this land with their pure blood to defense of the unity of Iraq and its people.

The festival was followed by a speech by the Rector of the University, delivered on his behalf by his administrative assistant, in which he recalled stories of the epics and heroism embodied by the heroic Iraqi forces, and the great sacrifices they made in crushing the enemy and recovering every inch of the land of Iraq Praising the role played by the heroic forces in raising the flag of Iraq proud and unified, recalling the freemen among the martyrs, who sacrificed their blood and lives to protect the land of Iraq and its people against every brutal aggressor.

This was followed by the presentation of a documentary film prepared by media department at the university presidency of the army, police and security forces that immortalized the march of liberation and victory.

For his part, Major General Yahya Rasool, spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces, delivered a speech on this occasion, praising the courage of people of Mesopotamia from the various sects of the people, recalling the prayers of the army, police and support forces, and the fatwa of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, in closing ranks and fighting the forces of darkness. And what the army was keen on in liberating the areas on one hand and preserving the lives of civilians intact on the other hand. General Yahya delivered his thanks and pride to the University and the presidency of it in holding this celebration.

Major General Khaled Al-Muhanna, the official spokesman for Ministry of Interior, gave a speech on the occasion, during which he reviewed the most prominent exploits of the various types of interior forces, and assistance provided by Ministry of Interior in establishing security and liberating the land from the clutches of the invaders. Department of Media and Public Relations, in cooperation with the students of the College of Education for Girls, presented a play dedicated to the armed forces, and the role of Iraqi women in standing with men, and the sacrifices they made of sacrifice, redemption and patience.

A number of future buds from the students of Um Amara Elementary School in Adhamiya also participated in the ceremony, carrying Iraqi flags and balloons in celebration of the heroic men of the armed forces. At the end of the ceremony, shields and certificates of appreciation were distributed to representatives of the armed forces from the army and police, presented by Colonel Alaa Al-Eidani from the Military Media, and a number of guests.