An electronic Training Workshop on the Use of :(Mandali program)

Computer and Internet Center holds an online training workshop on using (Mandali program) in cooperation with University of Technology

Based on the principle of joint cooperation between universities and to achieve the goals of government program and under the auspice of Rector of Al Iraqia University and supervision of Director of the Computer and Internet Center, Computer and Internet Center held an electronic training workshop tagged (How to use Mendeley for Referencing) through (Fcc) program platform.

The course presented by (Dr. Jabbar Abid Aleiwi) aimed at introducing the use of the Mandali program and how to help researchers manage and organize references for their research and conduct documentation and citation. The program facilitates access to references related to the search variables in light of addresses of the added references. The course included method of installing the program on a computer or mobile phone, integrating program as an add-on in Microsoft Word and in the Internet browser, and managing the program library.

The workshop was attended by a large number of teachers, researchers and graduate students in Iraqi Universities.