College of Arts, Holds Annual Celebration of International Day of Arabic Language,(Day of Dhad)

Under the auspices of  Rector of Al-Iraqia University, Professor Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein Al-Jubouri, and under the supervision of Dean of College of Arts, Professor Dr. Hussein Dakhil Al-Bahadli, in the presence of  Assistant Rector for Administrative Affairs, Professor Dr. Hassan Fadalah Al-Tamimi, and Dean of College of Law and Political Sciences, Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Hamid, and Assistant Dean For Administrative and Financial Affairs, Prof. Dr. Muthanna Naeem Hammadi, and Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies,  Prof. Dr. Muthanna Fadel Theeb, under the slogan (Pride in Arabic Language is a Fortress of Identity).

Faculty of Arts, represented by Department of Arabic Language, held its annual celebration of International Day of Arabic Language (Day of Language of Dhad) on Monday 12-19-2022. The ceremony began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Qur’an by Professor Dr. Abbas Hamid Sultan, a teacher in Department of Arabic Language, after then Head of Arabic Language Department, Assistant Professor Dr. Hisham Nihad Shehab, delivered a speech on the occasion, in which he emphasized the importance of celebrating the generous Arabic language, the language of the most precious and valuable book revealed by God Almighty, the Holy Qur’an. After that, a group of students of the fourth stage in Arabic Language Department under the supervision Professor Dr. (Hana Mahmoud Ismail), a lecturer in the department, distributed sweets and gifts in celebration of this dear occasion, accompanied by a group of students reciting poetic verses and phrases glorifying the language of Dhad, then a poem by graduate student (Mortadha Salem Habib) entitled (Al Dhad).